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Friday, May 25, 2012

Published and submitted Papers

ျပန္စီထားတာေလး ခဏလာသိမ္းထားတာပါ။



Unknown said...

I'm PR management staff of 'Korea' brand being executed by presidential Council.

I knew that you are related with Korea brand.
Therefore I'm writing to ask your help.

'Han-Book'(e-BOOK about Korea's everything) will be released soon.

Do you mind if I ask you to write a posting on your blog about 'Han-Book'?

It should include some pictures and informations connected with 'han-Book'.
Moreover at the end of posting, it should have button or url linked to 'han-Book'.

Of course we will offer enough references about that and, you can require also.

This is a sort of pre research for preparing 'han-Book' PR.
I just want to know your opinion.

I'm expecting to receive your reply as soon as possible.
Thank you.

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